Going Social – 3 Simple Questions for Brands and Professionals

social media icons

There are so many social media platforms to choose from! No wonder most brands feel the need to be in all of them – it’s important to have a presence, right? The more social media platforms our brand is registered in, the better!

Well – it doesn’t work quite like that.

Before going on an account-opening frenzy on every single social platform out there, there are a few questions any company, brand or independent professional must answer and assess, so that their social efforts have maximum results. This is what I call the ‘Productive Approach’ to social media:

  1. What type of content is more suitable for your brand? If you are a graphic designer or an artist, maybe it’s a good idea to focus on image-based platforms such as Pinterest. If you are a writer, maybe accounts on Facebook and Goodreads will do the trick.
  2. Is there a very specific social platform that can get you exposure, customer interaction and sales? For example: if you are a photographer, you might want to consider Flickr. Likewise, if you represent a chain of hotels or if you own a B&B, TripAdvisor is where you may want to invest most of your attention.
  3. How many hours per week are you willing to invest on managing each social network? Whether you hire a Community Manager or do it yourself, creating a dozen or more social media profiles and then managing each can take your entire work day – besides, time is money. Define a number of hours per week, then split that time among the  2 or 3 social networks that are better suited for you.

These are only three questions/suggestions, but as you go along you will find that your own social media strategy gets more and more refined. Each brand is unique – there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to social media strategies.

If you want to share your experience after putting these 3 suggestions in practice, I’d love to hear from you here on the comments section, or on Twitter and Facebook! :)

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